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Q I'd like some information on how to detox at home and remain alcohol free?

A Thanks for your question, it’s something that a lot of people want help with.

However, to give you the right advice and support we really need to know some more information, like how much you are drinking, how long you have been drinking for and what your general health is like. What many people don’t know about alcohol is that getting off it too quickly without help, i.e. going “cold turkey” can make you quite sick and can have potentially serious health consequences. For this reason we strongly recommend that people don’t stop drinking without support from their GP or an alcohol and drug treatment service.

This doesn’t always mean going into a residential withdrawal unit. Many alcohol and drug treatment services offer Home Based Withdrawal, staffed by experienced nurses who will come and visit you at home and will liaise with your GP to make sure you get the right medication. However, they will most certainly want to thoroughly assess your situation before making a treatment recommendation as the kind of treatment that is most appropriate for you will depend on a number of different factors. Check out our withdrawal page for more information on our services here. I’m not sure what area you are from, but to find out what your nearest alcohol and drug service offers, call DirectLine on 1800 888 236.

As you suggest in your question, withdrawal (detox) is only the first step in making permanent changes in your drinking, and most people will need some form of follow up treatment and support. Again each person’s needs are different, depending on their particular circumstances. For some people Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is extremely useful as it is easily accessible and run by others who have gone through the same experience. Many other people find counselling useful and some people may need more intensive support, such as longer term rehab. Here at Moreland Hall we run a six week non-residential rehabilitation program, specifically for people who have completed an alcohol withdrawal and need further treatment (check here for more information). Again, DirectLine can assist you with finding the appropriate services near you.

Good luck and call us if we can provide any further information or you'd like to get started.