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UnitingCare Moreland Hall (Moreland Hall) is the leading alcohol and other drugs (AOD) treatment and education agency of UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania. Moreland Hall is a not for profit agency, which has been operating since May 1970, providing a range of AOD services to the community.

Our approach

We believe in using and building on evidence based practice that has positive practical outcomes for people with alcohol and other drug issues, their families and the broader community. We work within a harm minimisation framework. This is the same framework that underpins all Australian Government AOD policy. Harm minimisation provides a multilayered approach to reducing the supply of and demand for alcohol and other drugs in Australia, while also addressing the needs of people who currently use these substances. It also focuses on prevention and targeting at-risk groups.

Harm minimisation is not about moral judgements. It is about working with people in a respectful way, whether their goal is ceasing or reducing their use, or minimising the harms associated with substance use.

Our aim is to focus on recognising, affirming and building the individual’s strengths, and creating a sense of hope. Evidence demonstrates that this provides the best opportunity for promoting health, and reducing alcohol and other drug related harm. Sustainable changes occur when people recognise the benefits for themselves, have the appropriate supports in place and believe that it is possible. We recognise that changing behaviour can be difficult and can take time. Recovery is often an ongoing journey of growth, where setbacks can become learning opportunities.

We advocate that change is possible at the individual, family and broader community level, and that we all benefit when it occurs. People can and do recover.

Who we work with

The needs of people who are affected by alcohol and other drug use are complex and interrelated. In our work we recognise that people with alcohol and other drug issues are members of families and communities. They vary widely in their life experiences and come from a diverse range of cultural,social and linguistic backgrounds. Each person we work with has a different set of challenges and a unique capacity to overcome them.

We work with people holistically and encourage collaborative approaches to service planning and delivery through partnerships with a range of complementary services including employment, education, health specialists, legal, justice, welfare and housing. We also aim to strengthen each person’s individual resources through life skills development while encouraging stronger interpersonal ties with family members and others.

Relationship to the Uniting Church

We are an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia and are part of the UnitingCare network. We are guided by the strategies and priorities developed by UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania, and the synod of Victoria and Tasmania. The UnitingCare network is the largest non-government provider of community services in Australia.

Moreland Hall’s values are based on social justice and social inclusion, recognising and respecting the inherent value and dignity of all people.

Our strategic direction

Our 2008-2011 Strategic Plan has guided our work. In June 2011, our 2011-2014 Strategic Plan was released and this will direct our energies for the next three years.

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are people with alcohol and other drug issues, their families and the wider community; our staff and Board of Governance; our funders including state and federal government and corporate partners; our partners and allies, including the UnitingCare network; our donors; non-government organisations and researchers working in the alcohol and other drugs sector, mental health and allied fields; and the media.

Learning from our work

We monitor and evaluate our work to assess the progress we are making in supporting changes in people’s lives. Monitoring and evaluation occurs in several ways; from data collection and analysis to in-depth internal and external reviews and evaluations. We undertake peer reviews, audits and regular reflections with people who have alcohol and other drug issues, their families and friends, staff, partners, allies and community members.

We do this as we strive to do things better.

* Moreland Hall is a Public Benevolent Institution and is endorsed as a Deductable Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office.