UnitingCare Moreland Hall has renamed to UnitingCare ReGen

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Moreland Hall's purpose is to promote health and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm.


The values of UnitingCare Moreland Hall embrace the diverse nature of our community and the desire of the Uniting Church to express the Christian faith through both its word and action:

  • HOPE - affirming the possibility of change for all
  • EMPOWERMENT - seeking to enhance people's strengths and enabling people to speak and act for themselves
  • COMPASSION - accepting all people as they are and acting with respect, empathy and fairness
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE - supporting the right of all people to be treated equitably and with dignity
  • INTEGRITY - upholding honesty, openness and responsibility in all our actions
  1. Deliver high quality services for all our clients and stakeholders
  2. Continue to strengthen Moreland Hall as a leading alcohol and other drugs agency
  3. Foster a stimulating and supportive work environment
  4. Promote and develop effective partnerships to enhance the capacity of Moreland Hall
  5. Ensure our services are accountable and sustainable.